Daisie App


Daisie is a place to connect with creative people. Share original content, learn, discover and be inspired to start new conversations and make ideas happen. Daisie provides users with the ability to create online portfolios, share work, create projects and edit them in real time with other users, message one another, learn from industry leaders and be set tasks, as well as search for other creators based on location or mutual contacts. 


Who is the app for?

Filmmakers, Writers, Readers, Listeners & Speakers, Poets, Singers, Chefs, Entrepreneurs, Developers & Architects, if you have a passion for building, teamwork or doing - you are a creator. We’re starting with our 5 industries (Film, Fashion, Photography, Music & Art) but the goal is to create a place where communities of like-minded individuals who want to share their passion can make their stuff and help other people make their stuff. No irrelevant content, no ads, no brands, just people.


Daisie launches worldwide in the App Store & Google Play store ‪on August 1st. You can follow our progress on instagram: @daisieapp or on twitter: @daisieapp


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